Another Boring Story About Mike Gatto’s Sweet Film & TV Tax Bill

KPCC’s blog posted another bland, forgettable article on Mike Gatto’s hotly debated film & TV tax incentive bill presently being held hostage in the State Senate by Kevin ‘Douchebag’ De Leon.

The generic article was written by Brian Watt, and included much of the same information we’ve chronicled on this site, but without the characteristic bluster or dick jokes.

The only slightly interesting thing I found in the piece was this quote from Gatto, which seems to suggest he’s making every effort to humor Douchebag De Leon’s ransom demands: 

“We’re always mindful that we’ve got to get the right bang for the buck with this in taxpayer dollars,” said Sacramento’s reigning expert on ‘bang.’  “What we try to do is get it on both ends: make sure that the way we structure the credit has sort of predetermined the outcome that these are going to be big job productions but also to have meaningful auditing requirements on the back end before anyone can get paid.”



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