TONY INTERVIEW: Questions for Tony

Now that I’ve sufficiently recovered from my horrific accident, I can get back to business. At the top of my agenda: the long-promised interview with Tony. I’ve even put my Price Is Right marathon in the background in order to take care of this.

Anyway, I would like to submit the following list of official questions for Tony’s consideration:

1. Can you succinctly summarize the reasons you are proud to be a member of our Mike Gatto enemies list?

2. Can you name a single piece of legislation involving Mike Gatto, other than AB 768, that you find objectionable? If so, give your reasons.

3. Do you agree with Restoring Tally, that Mike Gatto is “the face of genital cutting in America?”

(This is an unretouched image taken directly from Restoring Tally’s bizarre website.)

4. Apart from circumcision, have you ever suffered an injury to your cock or balls? I recently lit my own balls on fire, and I can tell you that it hurt like hell.

5. Who do you like better: the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

6. Approximately how many of you foreskin crusaders are lurking on the Internet, anyway?

7. If a genie appeared from a lamp and offered you the opportunity to magically reattach your own foreskin in exchange for you posting a video of yourself neighing like a donkey while dancing Gangnam style on YouTube, would you do it?

8. Do you have any other messages or comments for our readers?

You can reply through the comments section of this page, or email me directly at Up to you.

I sincerely thank you for taking the opportunity to enlighten and entertain our readers with your unique point of view on Mike Gatto.


Daulton Gatto (no relation to Mike Gatto)



About Daulton Gatto (no relation to Mike Gatto)

I am a sweet dude, but nowhere near as sweet as Mike Gatto. (I am not related to Mike Gatto. Our identical last name is purely a coincidence.)
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One Response to TONY INTERVIEW: Questions for Tony

  1. Tony says:

    1. It entertains me because it’s a silly way of summarizing my opposition to his wrong position on one issue. But my default position is to oppose every politician until proven otherwise on individual issues. They’re all dangerous. So being named an “enemy” of one is basically accurate. And the next question suggests I likely deserve even more credit as an “enemy” of Mike Gatto.

    2. AJR 1, which Mike Gatto sponsored, requests a Constitutional Convention to overturn Citizens United. Citizens United was correctly decided. People do not lose their free speech rights because they choose to freely associate with others. The only thing such an amendment would do is limit a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment. Wanting to scale back the Bill of Rights is unsweet.

    As a bonus… AB1576, which Mike Gatto voted for and which emerged through the committee he chairs. It would’ve violated the rights of members of the adult film industry. They are consenting adults engaging in voluntary commerce. The state should not be interfering.

    3. No. If anyone can qualify for such a title, it’s the “face” of the AAP and the official position of its task force, which uses many more words to be almost as one-sided as AB768. Like AB768, it pins what would are obviously dumb justifications for any other procedure on healthy children to this one surgery for boys only. Like AB768, the AAP started with the conclusion that would fluff up prevailing thought. Unlike AB768, it attempted to build the biased defense necessary for the appearance of objectivity. Their statement has the added problem of aiming to be an appeal to medical authority rather than mere political authority.

    But, no, I don’t think there is a specific face of genital cutting. The repeated, unprincipled defense for this exception is the problem, not people who defend this exception. Even those who defend it with legislation.

    4. Just “generic” injuries playing sports, so I’ll say “no”. But it’s pretty great you recognize that circumcision injures. Progress!

    5. The Beatles

    6. I have no idea. But I’m not a foreskin crusader. I advocate for individual choice, male or female, on whether to alter one’s own body, which includes one’s prepuce, male or female. That includes accepting that some males – and some females – will decide to have their foreskin removed. That’s fine. They’re correct for their bodies, whatever I think of their choice.

    There are a lot of people who agree with me who don’t speak out for various reasons, including the vitriol commonly offered to dissenting opinions on child circumcision in America. Ask around. “Do you wish you still had your foreskin?” You’ll get a “yes” more often than you probably expect.

    7. Why wouldn’t I? Just like you, I’m basically “performing” on a public stage already, and without guaranteed tangible reward. So yes.

    8. Is there any piece of legislation on which you disagree with Mike Gatto?

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