LA Progressive Smears Mike Gatto

The hippy shit-eaters at LA Progressive just attempted to smear and discredit esteemed Assemblyman Mike Gatto through insinuation and guilt-by-association tactics.  What’s got these hippies’ panties in a twist?  Mike’s upcoming vote on whether or not to enact a state-wide ban on disposable plastic garbage bags.  Zzzzzz….

The liberal dumbasses rattled off some meaningless statistics about plastic bags and the waste they create, as if Daulton or I really cared.  While plastic bag waste is far from sweet, carrying your groceries home with no bag at all would suck a major dick — and not a major dick like Mike Gatto’s, which would be extremely sweet to suck, as these Oscar winners can attest.


Though SB270 has garnered wide support during its 18 months in the legislative pipeline, these stinky hippies are trying to gin up some controversy around its upcoming vote in the almighty Appropriations Committee.  That committee is chaired by Mike Gatto, who has proven himself quite adept at appropriating space in tight vaginas for his massive cock.

Gatto has yet to announce his vote before the actual committee meets, which to the blubbering tits at LA Progressive, means he hates the bill — despite the fact that such a ban was already passed throughout cities in the 43rd District.

So in order to smear Gatto, they infer that he’s been bribed by Helix Poly, a North Carolina company that’s spent $90,000 to help fund the recent campaigns of various California politicians.  Mike Gatto received a $3,000 donation from Helix — along with ten other members of the Appropriations committee that LA Progressive doesn’t seem nearly as interested in smearing.

But the tards at LA Regressive didn’t stop there.  They went on to invoke the name of Leland Yee, the disgraced Assemblyman who was arrested by the FBI for trafficking guns to Moro Islamic Liberation Front.  They claim that Yee was also the recipient of donations from Helix following his vote to kill a similar ban on plastic bags in 2013.   As if I give a shit.

Though they object to Gatto in every way possible, the idiots at LA Regressive give their stamp of approval to an unfunded amendment to the bill that would promise $2 million to build a new state-of-the-art plastic bag recycling center — because, you know, if we ban plastic bags it makes a ton of sense to then spend $2 million we can’t afford to build a recycling center for bags we no longer have.  Derrrrrr…

Since Mike Gatto has yet to formally announce his position on the bill, it seems reckless and premature for a serious news source like ours to stake out a position.  However, we are confident that whichever way the vote goes, Mike Gatto will remain a sweet dude.  And the whiney bitches at LA Regressive will continue to whine and cry about how douchey he makes them look by comparison.

chicken scrotum


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