An Open Letter to Mike Higby (Mayor Sam)

Dear Michael:

I’m afraid we may have gotten off on the wrong foot.  In the past, you were quite vocal in your disdain for Assemblyman Mike Gatto.  And in turn, we were proportionately cruel to you.

In the ensuing years, other journalists like Bukkake Ron Kaye and Scott “Red Spot in My Panties” Johnson have remained resolutely committed to impugning Gatto’s name at every created opportunity.  On the other hand, you seem to have cooled your jets and gotten that stick out of your ass, not to mix metaphors.

Your recent reporting on both Gatto and our site has lacked its characteristic venom and seems to suggest a certain contrite maturity that I’d be happy to encourage.

If you, Mike Higby, are willing to retract the disrespectful things you’ve said and go on-the-record today as officially agreeing with the authors of this blog that Mike Gatto is, in fact, a very sweet dude, then we will accept the terms of this truce and remove your name from the Enemies of Mike Gatto list that Daulton so voraciously maintains.

I realize this offer of mutual peace may seem contradictory in light of Daulton’s recent retaliatory posts.  However, I think he may have mistakenly blamed you for the work of your fellow Mayor Sammer, Red Spot.  And in regards to your recent profile of our page, I think he may have overstated your intended hostility.

In the spirit of Mike Gatto, do we have an agreement?  I await your answer.

I am,

Jarvis P. Mitchell

mike gatto peace tattoo



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