UPDATE: The Mike Gatto Play

Update on the long-rumored Mike Gatto play!  MGIASD just received an email from some actor dude who came upon our site while researching  Mike “Prince of Sweetness” Gatto.   “Alex L.” claims he had just returned from an audition (that he also claims to have “totally nailed”) for the mysterious Mike Gatto play everyone’s been emailing us about.

HOLYFUCKINGSHIT.  This is sweeter than having two sets of four balls!!!!!  I don’t want to jizz my pants, but we may have found an honest-to-God insider for once!  Pulitzer Prize, here we come — like Mike Gatto’s big dick!

Daulton and I still have some investigative work to do before we’re willing to say more.  Obviously, we’ve been jerked around in the past, and our naive zeal can make us a target for pranksters.  But this is very promising.  Stay tuned for more, GattoNation!!!Unknown



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