Sexy Nurses to Lobby Sexy Mike Gatto

A group identifying themselves as National Nurses United recently urged its members to call Chair’s of both the State Senate and State Assembly’s juice committees to lobby on behalf of AB2155.

Before anyone gets too excited, Mike didn’t author the bill himself.  While we wouldn’t normally waste our time discussing a bill authored by a sub-Assemblyman, it’s only relevant this week because, as the Chair of the almighty Appropriations Committee, Mike “Boner Owner” Gatto will determine whether or not the bill continues toward a floor vote.

mike gatto sexy nurse

The bill in question would protect nurses and CNA’s from being forced to work “mandatory overtime” hours, meaning slave-driving bosses can’t force sexy nurses to work more than they’re scheduled under threat of termination.  There are a couple of minor exceptions — such as when a sexy nurse is in the midst of an operation that must be completed, or in the event of an “unanticipated” and “nonrecurring catastrophic event.”

That seems pretty sweet to me.  So it would come as no surprise to the esteemed authors of this blog if the bill continues its march to the Assembly floor, unfettered.


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