8 Silly Kitties Who Think They’re Mike Gatto

Did you know that “gatto” is Italian for “cat?”  It is, dumbass.  Whatever.  Sometimes silly kitties get all mixed up and think they’re Mike Gatto, California State Assembly Representative for the 43rd District.  Oh, you silly Kitties!!!


silly kitty

8.  Uh-oh! Mike Gatto is angry!  He must have had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week.


silly kitty cat

7.  Awwwww… lil’ Mikey Gatto has been been working sooooo hard to save film & TV jobs in California, and now he’s plumb-tuckered-out!  I want to cuddle his sweet little face!!!


cute little kitty

6.  Meeeee-ow!  Mr. Gatto, I think you’re trying to seduce me!


adorable little kitty

5.  You can’t fool me!  You’re no frog — you’re the Prince of Glendale, Silverlake, La Crecenta, La Canada, and Los Feliz but mainly Glendale!!!!


cuddly kitty

4.  Why is Mike Gatto laughing so hard?   LOL  Todd Royal!


sweet kitten


3.  What the fuck is wrong with you, Jack?  Get your shit together.




sweet kitty cat

2.  Dear God, thank you for the Burbank Blog.  Sincerely, Mike Gatto.  P.S.  Thanks again.


mike gatto1.  Is it wrong to want to fuck a cat?  Not if he looks like Mike Gatto!



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