The Burbank Blog: Ron Kaye Eats Ass Pie

As we reported a few days ago, the esteemed authors of the Burbank Blog recently ran a piece exalting Mike Gatto for his exemplary work in the State Assembly, even suggesting that his time in Sacramento makes an excellent case for abolishing term-limits.

And while countless local blogs and newspapers have singled out Mike Gatto for praise, the Burbank Blog went one step farther by condemning notorious Gatto enemy, “Bukkake” Ron Kaye for all the spiteful, slanderous bullshit he publishes about Gatto.  Check out this one super sweet quote:

If there is any doubt that [LA City Councilman Anthony] Portantino views Gatto as a threat it must be noted that Portantino operative Trent Hager (no relation to any other Hager hardy-har) has stepped up his anonymous blogging efforts, and that disgraced former journalist and former candidate Ron Kaye, a clo$e Portantino confidant and hard right wing writer, has $tepped up his $lash and burn attacks on Gatto, including Kaye’$ late$t mi$$ive which somehow attacks Gatto for being for campaign finance reform.  Huh.  If he doesn’t understand things, Mr. Kaye would be wise to Google  Lessig and MayDayPAC.”

ron kaye LA

Damn.  That’s gotta sting.  But by this point in his shitty career for idiots, Ron’s gotta be used to sting.  Like the sting of working for an embarrassing joke rag like the National Enquirer.  Or the sting of running the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner out of business.

Or say, the sting of of his shameful tenure as editor of the Daily News.  After orchestrating a steep decline in both circulation and respect, and after presiding over the termination of 20% of his workforce, Ron himself was finally given the boot.  Just how shitty a job of reporting on the Valley did he do?  Shitty enough that he was replaced by a guy from fucking North Carolina.   Jesus Christ.

Since then, Bukkake Ron has shilled for clicks on amateurish blogs, publishing mindless screeds against local politicians for a small fraction of the salary he once earned.  Every so often, a slightly reputable news source like the Pasadena Sun gambles on Bukkake Ron, and invariably has to issue public apologies for the bullshit lies he’s bribed to spew.

It’s for these and other crimes against sweetness that the Burbank Blog recently named Ron Kaye “the most biased in local media.”

“Folks who think Kaye has fallen far and fast would at least be a little reassured if some if his biases could  be explained by traditional causes, for example, partisanship, a la Fox News.  But since since the various officials on both sides of Kaye’s equation are philosophically almost identical, people have been wondering aloud if something more might be going on.  Notably, Kaye’s suspicious fixations with slamming some are well contrasted with his multiple puff piece defenses of an admitted racist.

Wow.  What a fucking piece of shit.  Thank God for real journalists like The Burbank Blog and me for cutting through the shit.  If Bukkake Ron wants to be a shit-sucking eater of ass pie, that’s his retarded choice.  But we don’t have to be silent about it any longer.


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