Variety: Stand With Gatto and the VFX Troops

Variety recently ran a piece about the brave VFX Soldiers who are standing with Mike Gatto to support a $400 million tax break for Hollywood movie producers to persuade them from shooting crappy movies and TV shows in other states.

But these heroic VFX Soldiers want the bill to go even further.  They want protections added for post-production workers — including editors, special effects artists and musicians — who often see their  jobs outsourced to lesser, sub-American nations, regardless of where the movie was actually filmed.

After the VFXSoldier blog proposed the tariff idea and the sweet dudes at Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude reprinted it, it seems as if Gatto has taken up the cause.  Variety assures us Gatto “aims to add language to pending tax-incentives legislation” to try and combat “unfair and illegal competition” from foreign countries.  YESSSSSSSSSSSS!vfx-tarrifs-runaway-production


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