Mike Gatto vs. Pension Injustices

As we all know, Mike Gatto is a sweet dude.  And one of the central tenants of sweetness is being sweet to others.  So when the scandal-plauged City of Bell decided to award crooked city officials obscenely high salaries and benefits packages, the rest of the state was left holding the tab when it came time to pay their accordingly scandalous pensions. That is a violation of the Code of Sweetess.

“This bill is simple and straightforward,” Gatto said, deviating from his prepared remarks on his abundant testosterone.  “It specifies that any city that offers a 15% or more bump in a manager’s salary is responsible for corresponding increased pension payments.”

Check out the whole video.  Gatto works in a sweet plug for Glendale, calling it an “ethical” and “well-managed” city.


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