LA City Council: Gatto is THE SHIT!

LA’s City Council has spoken loud and clear:  they think Mike Gatto is the fucking shit.  Specifically, they’re big fans of AB47, Gatto’s proposed legislation to crackdown on hit-and-run drivers.

Mitch Englander, representative of the 10th District and lone Republican on the council, authored a resolution in support of Gatto’s bill.  And why wouldn’t he?  Hit-and-run crimes are a big damn problem in Los Angeles, where as few as 20% of accidents are actually punished.  

“How good is this bill?” Gatto asked the crowds who swarmed his appearance on the steps of City Hall.  “Let’s just put it this way… If AB47 was a pussy, I’d fuck it and get it pregnant and retire to Florida with it.”GattoPressConf14Jul23


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2 Responses to LA City Council: Gatto is THE SHIT!

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