Dennis Romero, LA Weekly Publish Stupid Bullshit About Mike Gatto

Some idiotic tit-head named Dennis Romero published a shitty editorial at LA Weekly that blames Mike Gatto for the lack of Latino roles in Hollywood films.  What the fuck?  Like Mike Gatto doesn’t have enough on his plate?  Now he’s gotta worry about whether or not Latino actors are getting enough work compared to other actors? Jesusfuckingchrist.  Fucking actors, man.

At specific issue is Gatto’s celebrated film & TV tax incentive bill, which would sustain one of our state’s key economic sectors by ebbing the flow of outsourced productions. Why would anyone be against this?  Well, someone could oppose the bill on grounds of being a cocksucking douchebag, like this cocksucking douchebag.  Or they could just be an idiotic tit-head, like Dennis Romero and LA Weekly.

In his claptrap editorial, he paraphrases a (possibly fictitious) organization known as the “National Hispanic Media Coalition” in wondering “why some politicians, including state assemblymen Mike Gatto and Raul Bocanegra and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, are so keen on letting big Hollywood media corporations get tax breaks.”

Well, shit-for-brains, to try and explain it to you, I’ll just quote the first sentence of your dumbass blog post… “Latinos comprise nearly half (48.3 percent) of L.A. County’s population, and they now represent the largest ethnic group in California — larger than the white segment.”

If Mike Gatto allowed California’s film & TV industry to wither on the vine, the state would lose millions of jobs.  And we’re not just talking about roles filled by white actors — but countless production assistants, grips, construction workers, drivers, caterers, security personnel and any number of dependable, blue-collar jobs are regularly filled by that key 48.3% of our State’s population.  So no, they probably don’t want you to use their jobs as leverage to try and get jobs for actors — the most universally despised subset of humans on the planet.



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