Some Dude Criticizes Mike Gatto

Some dude with a blog today criticized Mike “Testosterone” Gatto for his support of Senate Bill 53.  Though the dude admits he doesn’t really understand what he’s protesting or why he’s protesting it, he provides this link, “if you want to take a crack at figuring out what is actually happening in this mess.”  Nice reporting, dude.

Since that dumbass was too much of a dumbass to explain the proposed legislation, I’ll do it for him.  Basically, the bill seeks to extend long-standing, common sense regulations for purchasing guns in California to cover ammunition purchases as well. Here’s a complete summary of the proposed tweaks:

  • Criminals and mentally ill would not be allowed to buy ammunition.
  • Criminals and mentally ill would not be allowed to sell ammunition.
  • Ammunition must be kept behind a store’s retail counter.
  • Ammunition can’t be purchased anonymously online and must be purchased in-person, directly from a vendor.
  • Ammunition purchases are subject to the same records and permit regulations as gun purchases

So, yeah… There’s nothing particularly outrageous or controversial in those proposals.  Maybe if that dude was able to understand the bill, he’d understand how only a paranoid paramilitary penis-sniffer in a tin foil hat could object.

Since there’s no way this dude can address the bill itself without sounding wholly unreasonable, he finds a straw man in one of its authors, disgraced Assemblyman Leland Yee — who was ironically arrested by the FBI for trafficking weapons to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines.

The dude argues that since Yee was a criminal, none of the bills he worked on should see a vote.  Never mind that five other esteemed Assemblymen co-wrote this particular bill.  Or that it was amended eight times in eight separate committee hearings over the past three months.  No, this dumbass dude wants to toss the baby out with the bathwater.

The dude later shared his blog post Facebook, where as you can clearly see, nobody liked it…

Screen shot 2014-08-09 at 8.58.40 AM



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