Mike Gatto Honors A Sexy Blonde

Mike Gatto recently honored this smoking hot blonde chick and the company she owns, Golden Road Brewery, as Small Business of the Year.  Poured into a form-fitting red dress and sporting tall, teased curls, Meg Gill could more than hold her own when photographed next to Gatto, whose blinding sex appeal typically obscures anyone unlucky enough to be standing next to him.


“Meg Gill and Golden Road Brewery are an inspiration to us all,” the smoldering Assemblyman said as he stood way closer to her than necessary.  “Her entrepreneurship creates jobs and helps other young women to believe that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.”

Gatto didn’t have to make specific mention of Gill’s other sterling assets — namely, her taught buttocks, pert breasts, and pillowy DSL’s — because those assets spoke for themselves.


About Jarvis Mitchell

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