Soldiers Support Mike Gatto, Film & TV Tax Incentives

After a punishing few days of headlines, thank fucking christ for this story.  A group of brave soldiers* have offered a ringing endorsement of Mike Gatto’s efforts to keep film and TV productions in LA.  This proud group of patriotic young men an women have urged Gatto to take the legislation even further by imposing a tariff on the “unfair and illegal competition” offered by sub-American countries and their armies of affordable computer effects artists.

When heroes talk, America listens.  So let’s hope the courageous sacrifices they’ve offered in the name of liberty and justice were not made in vain.  Support Mike Gatto.

vietnam-memorial * By “soldiers,” I am referring to the esteemed author and readers of the VFX Soldier blog, and can only assume that “VFX” is the designation for the most covert and elite branch of our Armed Services.


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5 Responses to Soldiers Support Mike Gatto, Film & TV Tax Incentives

  1. VanFromLA says:

    Are you serious? You “can only assume that “VFX” is the designation for the most covert and elite branch of our Armed Services.” Get a clue and read VFX Soldier’s blog and understand that he’s a disgruntled artist that never made it in the industry. With all due respect, the members of the United States Armed Forces deserve more respect than to be grouped in with VFX Soldier and his supporters, who have little understanding of the historical uses of incentives by municipalities to attract industry. The target of VFX Soldier’s rants and assertions are not at fault. How about targeting the real problem of corporate power and it’s pushing around of people and governments for their own benefit. I am a visual effect artist from Los Angeles with 20 years of industry experience in feature films and I abhor these debates about incentives. They are a right of any localized government to better the lives of their citizens. Adapt or get out.

    • you have your interpretation, and i have mine. personally, i respect all our men and women in uniform, whether they’re marines, airmen, navy, coastguard, vfx or “effects” soldiers. if you have a problem with it, go back to russia.

      • VanFromLA says:

        First of all, vfx or “effects” soldiers as you call them do not were uniforms. We are a bunch of well paid computer jockeys and you have no business commenting on something you have obviously no knowledge of. There is no my interpretation versus your interpretation, it’s very simple. A few vocal opponents labeling an industry the sole domain of Hollywood have got it all wrong. Visual effects is and will always be an international industry and people like Scott Ross have no business representing visual effects artists. Even the idea that Daniel Lay calls himself the VFX Soldier is an afront to military service men, women and their families the world over. If anything, visual effects artists should be labelled migrant workers and he should call himself VFX Crop Picker. Scott Ross on the other hand is now championing the artists and he was once part of the problem and now just a has been. Please, if you are going to comment on a topic, do the research and get the facts. You’re not helping.

        Also, you should look up the history of hollywood and it’s studios. Historically, the studios relocated to Los Angeles to avoid paying licensing fees for technology patented by the likes of Thomas Edison. The film industry has a long history of also bullying out of business start-up studios in other cities. Facts are facts and opinions are opinions. Yours is uninformed and poisonous. Please stop posting this filth.

      • suck a big fat dick, you big fat dick sucker. you are not welcome to visit our site anymore. you don’t have the right to tell anyone their interpretation of anything isn’t valid. this is america, and my father and his father and brave vfx soldiers like them didn’t lay down their lives so that pussytwats like you could queef all over their sacrifice.

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