Ron Kaye Attacks Mike Gatto… Again!

Loyal readers of MGIASD no doubt recall the tired antics of Ron Kaye, one of the original Enemies of Mike Gatto.  Also known as “Bukkake Ron” due of his fondness for multiple facials, he’s spent the last few years angrily hammering out editorials against Mike Gatto and posting them on his dumbass blog for people who eat their own shit.

ron kaye LA

Today he posted another mindless screed, this one making the bold accusation that Mike Gatto’s attempt to overturn Citizen’s United is a “scam.”  For anyone out of the loop, Mike Gatto’s plan for overturning Citizen’s United involves forging a consensus among 2/3 of the nation’s state legislatures to call a Constitutional Convention in which the states could vote to invalidate the controversial Supreme Court decision.  Obviously, it’s a pretty ambitious plan, and had it not been proposed by the Prince of Sweetness himself, I’d be far more skeptical.

Despite invoking the word “scam” in his headline, no scam is detailed.  Instead, Bukkake Ron falls back upon the same tired, predictable arguments assholes have been making on the subject for years.  His argument basically boils down to this: because Gatto favors campaign finance reform, he shouldn’t be able to finance his campaign.

Obviously, that’s utter horse shit.  One can oppose a law while still abiding by it.  More crucially, Mike Gatto and other well-intentioned members of his party can not afford to self-sabotage their own elections by swearing off the money their Republican counterparts are swilling.  You can’t bring a gun to a knife fight.  Or to put it in terms Ron can understand, you can’t bring a limp dick to a circle jerk.

But instead of accepting money from Big Tobacco or Big Oil, Bukkake Ron faults Mike for taking money from teachers and blue-collar labor unions, as if there’s some moral equivalency.  While Bukkake Ron chided Gatto for hosting a pricey fundraiser at Chops, he conveniently left out a key detail that the Fresno Bee highlighted:  Gatto refused the donation of a tobacco lobbyist and disinvited him from the event.

So Ron’s stupid, poorly written and indulgently long article promising the dirt on a Gatto “scam” turned out to be nothing more than lurid click-bait from a political pornographer.  No wonder the Pasadena Sun had to apologize for printing his bullshit.


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