Mike Gatto Addresses Rumors of Abundant Testosterone

In a playful but nonetheless honest Tweet, Sextastic Assemblyman Mike Gatto directly addressed rumors that he is a volcano of red hot molten testosterone.

Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 12.34.29 PM

“I finally found an excuse for my lack of artistic skills!” Mike joked in 140 characters or less.  He then linked to an article about recent scientific discoveries which suggest testosterone my impede artistic abilities.

Obviously, that claim is total horse shit because everyone knows the greatest artists of all time have also had the biggest dicks that they used to fuck the hottest chicks of their eras.  Just look at these dudes.  And obviously, we know that Mike Gatto would make an exceptional artist if he ever had the time to dedicate to such frivolous pursuits.

But still, it’s nice to hear Mike Gatto directly addressing rumors of his hulking manhood.  It’s the one thing that’s on everyone’s minds, even if they’re not talking about it directly.  


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