Mike Gatto Responds to ‘Douchebag’ De Leon

Mike Gatto’s office just issued a statement to LA Weekly on the film & TV tax credit initiative that was the toast of the town until yesterday, when Kevin “Douchebag” De Leon tried to abort the very legislative fetus that he and Mike Gatto had conceived and carried to term over the last two years.  Now the bill’s outcome — and with it, the fate of California’s entertainment industry — hangs in the balance.

This is not sweet.  Thankfully, Mike Gatto knows how to play hardball too.  And at 1:35 this afternoon, Gatto showed De Leon just how hard his balls can be.

“I feel confident the senator was not proposing a subjective system where some state board doles out money and could be accused of cronyism,” Gatto said in reference Douchebag De Leon’s 11th hour demand that the state abandon its established lottery system for awarding tax credits.  

OOOOOOOOH SHIT!!!  See what he just did?  By merely invoking the word “cronyism“– even in the context of denying he’s making any specific accusation of cronyism  — he’s effectively making an accusation of cronyism.  That’s how you play the media like a bagpipe… All your dumbasses just read was De Leon Cronyism.  

Mike made it pretty damn clear that there was no fucking way they’re going to to scrap and rebuild the entire system in the final days before a vote.  Still, he managed to conceal his rage behind a thin, taught smile.  “Our offices have been in constant communication, and we are working together to make sure this is a product everybody can feel… comfortable with,” he sneered as his finger grazed the big red button on his desk that releases the trained attack-gators from hidden bookshelf doors.

Mike Gatto's trained attack-gators

Though I have no specific source to either confirm or deny what I just typed, I think 9 out of 10 over-taxed Hollywood producers would agree it was pretty fucking sweet.


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