Kerri Kasem: Sleeping With The Enemy?

For those who are out of the loop, Kerri Kasem has been working with esteemed Assemblyman Mike Gatto to craft new legislation to meet changing needs of modern families.  As the institution of marriage is cheapened by repeated divorces and new marriages, conflicts often erupt between new spouses and children from previous marriages.  But under current California law, adult children have no protected right to visit dying parents.  For Kerri, the issue became personal when her father, legendary radio broadcaster Casey Kasem, recently passed away.

So naturally, I was somewhat surprised to see that she’s cavorting with two of the most vile, despised Gattophobes we’ve ever had the displeasure of quarantining in our Enemies of Gatto list.  I’m speaking of local AM Radio operators, Ken and John.  She’ll be filling in for them this Monday and Tuesday while they’re on vacation.

Why would a close personal friend of Mike Gatto’s ever agree to do anything with the same septic-dwellers responsible for ten of the nastiest things ever said about Mike Gatto in five minutes.  If that wasn’t sickening enough, let me remind readers of this video clip, in which Kasem’s new BFF’s calls Mike Gatto “a big throbbing weiner.”  Correction, dipshits… Mike Gatto HAS a big throbbing wiener.  Ask your whore mothers.  If you have the legal right.


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