Kevin “Douchebag” De Leon Stabs Mike Gatto in the Back!

By now, Gatto Nation is well abreast of Mike Gatto’s crusading effort to keep film and TV productions in California where they belong.  While other states have siphoned productions with luring tax incentives, California’s complacent, do-nothing legislature was caught with their collective thumbs up their collective asses.  Thankfully, Mike stepped in, and with the help of State Senator Kevin De Leon, authored a bill that would quadruple the existing allocation for tax credits to nearly $400 million.  That bill was resoundingly popular, had passed the state assembly back in May, and cleared its first Senate hearing with a 4-0 sweep of the Governance and Finance Committee in late June.  All was fine and well, and order had once again returned to the universe…

Until today, when that cocksucking asshole Kevin De Leon stabbed Mike Gatto in the back and fucked the whole thing up.  In a move described as “political brinksmanship,” “extremely irresponsible,” and a “cheap ploy” by studio insiders speaking anonymously with Deadline, De Leon has pulled his support at the 11th hour for the very bill he helped create!  And now he’s holding an entire sector of California’s economy hostage as he makes his laundry list of sick demands.

What kind of demands?  Well, for one, he wants to see an end to the state’s random lottery system used to award tax credits.  He’d rather see a committee formed to actively select which productions receive incentives based on their job creation potential.  He also wants a portion of the fund to be used exclusively for luring productions currently slated for other states.  He probably made some other wacked-out bullshit demands, but frankly, I’m too pissed to bother looking them up right now.

Adding insult to injury, Dickface De Leon had one of his dip-shit staffers announce the betrayal via a curt and impersonal email that basically said, “Sorry suckers — eat my dick!”  Gatto’s office has yet to respond, but a “stakeholders meeting” has been set for August 7th to see if any compromises can be made.




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