Will Mike Gatto Debate Todd Royal?

As we all know, Mike Gatto is a supremely gifted orator in the proud tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Bob Barker.  So even someone with shit for brains could tell you that Mike Gatto would DECIMATE his opponent, Todd Royal, should they ever meet in a public debate.

But you know what?  I don’t think it’ll happen.  And it’s not ’cause Gatto’s weary of humiliating a grown man by pulling his pants down and spanking his pale little bottom in front of a wall of television cameras.  No, Gatto will refuse to debate Royal for one reason:  because he can.  Because he’s got nothing to gain and everything to lose.  Todd Royal should know a thing or two about unforced errors by now.

Don’t believe me?  Just take Mike’s word for it…


About Jarvis Mitchell

author, politico, collector of pens
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