Todd Royal’s “Faery Hunt”

As we’ve already reported, Mike Gatto’s opponent in the race for State Assembly is a dude named Todd Royal.  We’ve also broken a couple of major news stories about Royal’s double life as a movie star — namely his time-traveling adventures with Kevin Sorbo and his questionable child trafficking comedy.

Now Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude has uncovered evidence of yet another Todd Royal vehicle in development — an epic sci-fi fantasy for the whole family known as “A Faery Hunt.”  There’s a lot to like in this short but impressive trailer from Pepper J. Productions:  gorgeous locations, lavish costumes and make-up, dazzling special effects and a cast of fantastical characters.  Todd Royal plays a mythical beast known as “the Symerg” who will eventually do battle with Derek the Troll to defend the Queen’s honor! 

SPOILER ALERT:  Astute viewers will no doubt notice that Royal appears later in the trailer playing a different character who happens to be wearing the exact same clothes as the Symerg, only lacking the characteristic red feathered mask.  I’d bet dollars to donuts that after defending the Queen’s honor in his battle with Derek the Troll, the Symerg’s curse was broken and he was able to return to his human form by taking off his red feathered mask.  I would imagine that once the curse was lifted and his good-looks were restored, the Queen would be able to fall in love with Todd Royal, thus supplying a happy ending for all involved.

Todd’s quest to steal the 43rd from Mike Gatto, however, will not end so happily.


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