No, faithful readers… that must-click-headline isn’t referring to the rumored musical about the life of Mike “Hot-O” Gatto.  No sir, I’m referring to this hot new music video featuring Mike Gatto on vocals!!

GOTCHA!  That’s not the Assemblyman representing Glendale, Los Feliz, Silverlake and La Canada.  No, that irrepressible  young crooner happens to be one of the billions of people around the world who are also named “Mike Gatto.”  That’s just an interesting tid-bit of scientific information to better help you understand my joke!  But aaaaaaanyways… back to the video itself!

Obviously I’m going to be partial to anyone named Mike Gatto… BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!  Those dudes are having so much fun with each other!  Not only do they play music (as you would probably expect from a band), but they engage in all manner of wholesome sweetness — like playing hop-scotch in cornfields and burying each other in the sand during a trip to the beach!

The song is catchy and uplifting and kinda makes me regret all the times I’ve been a fucking asshole in the past.  “Stand up and face the world — it’s time to grow!”  Now that’s a message I can really get behind!  “Don’t think about tomorrow, it’ll soon yesterday” is equally powerful, if slightly contradictory.

And let’s be honest, ladies… it doesn’t hurt that there’s some serious eye-candy on display here.  These three dudes are preeeeeeeetty sweet looking.  Their trip to the beach may border on gratuitous, but these chaps maintain a boyish innocence that I think most women would find pleasantly reassuring in this era of roofies and date rape.

mike gatto band


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6 Responses to MIKE GATTO SINGS!!!

  1. poutygatto says:


    I’m the guy from said video – thanks for kind words (and the ass shot lol)


  2. John Waters says:

    Have a look at this video as well. They are brilliant, just need a break.

  3. sessionsncl says:

    Thanks guys! I’m the keys player.

    We’re now fighting over which one of us you didn’t consider eye candy, as there are 4 of us in the band. 😀

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