Mike Gatto Brings Home the Bacon

Devastatingly sexy State Assemblyman Mike Gatto is bringing the bacon — specifically $163,802 in grant funding for Burbank’s “Charge N’ Go” initiative.  The new plan would provide for the construction and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations.

The grant comes from the California Energy Commission, which seeks to fund pilot programs to improve the availability, stability and sustainability of California’s energy supply.  Though Mike Gatto isn’t solely to credit for the Charge N’ Go program, MyBurgank.com justly points out how Mike’s strongly worded letter of advocacy certainly helped seal the deal.

“BWP’s EV Charge N’ Go project helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions while improving air quality in one of the most polluted air basins in the United States,” said Gatto as foreboding skies parted long enough for a beam of ethereal light to crown him.  beam_clouds_coast_fantasy_ultra_3840x2160_hd-wallpaper-17725


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