Earth to Todd Royal… WTF Were U Thinking?!

In what’s undoubtably the strangest news in a day full of strange news, I just came across this video starring Todd Royal, Mike Gatto’s doomed opponent for the 43rd District’s State Assembly seat.  For those of you with slow Internet connections or waning interest, I’ll briefly summarize it…

A door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman visits the home of Todd Royal.  Speaking in non-linguistic grunts, Todd invites the salesman in and abandons his helpless child with him as he goes shopping.  Royal returns long enough to trade the child for the vacuum cleaner.  The End!

Does Todd Royal even have a campaign manager?  If so, why the fuck didn’t he (or she) do a cursory sweep of the Internet for any child trafficking comedies their client may have been involved in?  WTF?!  Everybody knows that’s the first thing you do in a campaign!!!!

I’m appalled — !APPALLED! — by the very notion that a candidate for such an esteemed office would engage in a callous mockery of what’s a very serious crime.  And I’m even more appalled that anyone would make such a bush-league unforced error this early in the campaign.  Frankly, I expected more from a time-traveling supercop.


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