Mike Gatto to Big Tobacco: Fuck You in the Heart!

Hard to believe that a mere hour ago, I was foolish enough to question the eternal sweetness of one Michael Anthony Gatto.  Thankfully, the fire in my belly has found its soothing antacid in this sterling commentary from the Fresno Bee.

By way of this colorful bar-graph, they clearly demonstrate how soulless Republicans and hypocritical Democrats alike suckle at the wang of Big Tobacco.  But the article commends at least one representative in the State Assembly for refusing to be bought and sold like a transexual Thai teenager.


In the article’s final paragraphs, they detail the story of how Mike Gatto rejected a $1,500 contribution from R.J. Reynolds, who’d hope to send a lobbyist to a fundraiser at “Chops.”  What is “Chops?”  The article failed to explain.

“Please thank him politely, but do not accept that check,” Gatto reportedly replied to his campaign fundraiser.  However, in the imagination of this journalist, Gatto continued, “You know what — fuck polite.  I’ve had enough of this diplomatic P.C. bullshit!  You tell your corporate bitch-whore mother that Sacramento is no longer for sale!  Lick my nuts, suck my cock and help yourself to a piping hot bowl of ass soup.”



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