Mike Gatto & Holocaust Remembrance Day

The sexiest man in the 43rd District recently took time out of his schedule to honor all those who lost their lives in the Holocaust.  As a special treat for the members of the State Assembly, Gatto invited La Canada judge Fred Rotenberg to share his family’s harrowing story of hope and survival amidst the bleakest of circumstances.

“It is an honor to share the story and the struggle of the Rotenberg family, and all the victims of the Holocaust,” said Mike said as onlookers dabbed tears from their eyes. “Often, those seeking to perpetuate the memories of a most difficult time for all humanity need to look no further than their own communities. I am so honored that Judge Rotenberg could participate in the ceremony, and hope his story will inspire others to pursue success, even in the face of oppression.”

Holocausts have been a major concern of Gatto’s during his brief but brilliant tenure in the State Assembly.  His quest to expose the Ottoman Turks for their role in the Armenian genocide has earned him the unofficial title of “Honorary Armenian” from this esteemed blog and its loyal readership.  And let’s not forget his willingness to confront international dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinajed for his various crimes against sweetness.



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