Mike Gatto: Get That Embarrassing Shit Off Facebook

Ever get really wasted and say or do a bunch of stupid shit that somehow got online and embarrassed your dumbass?  Sure.  We’ve all done it.  Especially kids, who are always doing dumbass shit online and off.

And while what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, what happens on Facebook can haunt your dumbass for the rest of your life.  But the shit parade doesn’t stop there.  No, it turns out that California schools often monitor their students’ social media, and without the students’ or parents’ knowledge, catalog that accumulated data for as many years as they want.

While that sounds like an undeniably shitty law, it supposedly comes from a place of love.  The surveillance and data collection programs were meant to confront problems like bullying, suicide, and school violence.   But come the fuck on… don’t give me that bullshit.  Tell ’em, Mike…

When taxpayer dollars are being used by a government agency to monitor minor students, parents have a right to know what that data is being used for and how long it will be stored,” Mike said to the sexy female reporter with giant tits and panties that dripped like a melting ice cream cone.  “Imagine the harm that could be caused if a hacker, mean-spirited employee, or even a careless IT worker were to expose a database of all of the things a person said or did as a teenager.”

sexy reporter


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