Mike Gatto and the California X Prize

Mike Gatto’s got a brilliant idea for fixing California:  find someone else with brilliant idea, and give them some money!  That’s the basic gist of yet another new law Mike’s coaxing through the legislature.  If passed, three state agencies could solicit new ideas from the public using cash prizes of $25,000 as bait.  

“I imagine somewhere in Silicon Valley there’s some young guy or some young gal who has some really neat, new application to streamline California government,” Gatto said as he loosened his tie, lit a cigar and rested his Italian loafers atop his mahogany desk. “And I think for the renown that would come with winning this contest, and the small prize, I think that person would probably give us that intellectual property.” 

While that “small prize” probably seems like a lot of scratch the average Joe, twenty-five grand is mere crumbs off the bullshit pie that is our state budget.   So it’ll probably be passed, if for no other reason than good publicity is rarely that cheap, and Mike will add yet another assembly bill to his ever-growing legislative resume.  City counsel, here he comes!!!



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