Assembly Bill 1508: Mike Gatto vs. Punk-Ass Rich Kids

So here’s a story that’s hard to believe could happen in such a just nation:  some punk-ass millionaire dick-weed murdered a bunch of people with his truck after stealing some beer and popping some Vicodin, but was able to avoid jail time by claiming his punk-ass millionaire upbringing made it impossible to tell right from wrong.

When I put it that way, it does kinda make sense.  And let’s be honest, it’s not like this would be the first time class would be used as part of a criminal defense.  But in these times of widespread economic hardship and seething resentment of the super wealthy, a criminal defense based on the dubious condition known as “affluenza” is just the kind of thing a politician can use to prove to voters he’s one of them.

So naturally Mike Gatto’s got a bill ready to introduce.  That would be AB 1508, which would prevent courts from considering the “affluenza” defense.  It’s pretty audacious that a State Assemblyman would be so bold as to assert himself in a courtroom, effectively telling attorneys what cases they can make and judges what arguments they can consider.  But nobody ever got to be mayor by thinking small…




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