The Top 10 Worst Things Said About Mike Gatto in 5 Minutes

Three of the shittiest retards from the dregs of our Enemies of Mike Gatto list recently joined forces in a vicious attempt to smear Handsome Mike.  Why?  Who the fuck knows.  It was some dumbass, retarded minuscule semantical debate they tried inflate to Watergate porpotions.  But all they succeeded in exposing was the depths of their own vile, frothing, idealogical hatred.  The whole retarded dumbass video, which was edited by Peter “The Armenian Mouth Breather” Musurlain, was posted on Mayor Sam’s retarded website for pig-fuckers and features the lunatic ramblings of John and Ken, who host a talk show on something described as “AM Radio.” Or save yourself 5 minutes, and just read this list…

10.  Mike Gatto is “a jackass weasel.”

9.   Mike Gatto is “a deceitful bastard.”

8.  Mike Gatto is “such a deceitful lying jackhole.”

7.  Mike Gatto is “the worst” and “should be kicked out of office.”

6.  Mike Gatto is “a bald-faced liar who is deceitful and is scum.”

5.  Mike Gatto is “a frightened coward.”

4.  Mike Gatto is “is stabbing (hard working Burbank families) in the back and giving their money to illegal immigrants.”

3.  Mike Gatto is “a jack-off.”

2.  Mike Gatto is “the worst of the weasel politicians.”

1.  Mike Gatto is a “double-talking, lying, deceitful sack of crap.”


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