Mike Gatto Honors an Old Man Who Died

Mike Gatto recently honored and old man who died by adjourning the State Assembly. Apparently, some people are easily honored.

So who was this dude? Well, his name was Louis Zamperini, and during his life he accomplished many amazing things: WWII hero, prisoner of war, Olympic distance runner and inspirational speaker to name a few. Sadly, there was one thing Louis could not accomplish: not dying.

“I got to know Louis Zamperini when we sat next to one another during a flight one evening,” said Gatto. “He was a very memorable guy, and humble and charming despite his incredible life story. His tales are burned in my mind.”

Supposedly, his life story will be made into a film by Angelina Jolie, though it’s uncertain if she will be playing the role of Zamperini.



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