Mike Gatto Defends The GI Bill From For-Profit Colleges… Kinda

By now, everyone’s wise to the for-profit college scam… fake colleges, marketed to poor and desperate people who are promised a future beyond their dreams or means. Most students fail to find jobs, and are left holding the bill for thousands in fake education. And if they default, the money changers still make a profit.

The biggest victims in these scams are veterans and the taxpayers who fund their education through the GI Bill. Since 2009, $600 million of GI Bill money has been funneled into California schools too shitty to receive financial aid, while by some estimates, as little as 15 percent actually graduate. Naturally, the same poor saps who were gullible enough to trust George W. Bush on the war in Iraq are an easy group to scam.

Anyways, the state legislature recently took action to reign in these hucksters. One mandate of the comprehensive bill would force for-profits to disclose how many veterans actually graduate and how many default on their loans.

But then Iron Mike Gatto, champion of painful pragmatism, stepped in.After receiving a letter from Scott Govenar, lobbyist for the fictitiously named University of Phoenix, in which they argued such stats on vets would be “of little value,” Gatto agreed to strip the bill of this mandate. The compromise bill passed. So hoooo-ray.

This situation reminds me of another recent legislative flex by Gatto, in which he sided with Republicans to take a stern, fatherly stand against others drowning in student debt.

Sorry, suckers. Mike has spoken. Sometimes veterans have to take their bitter medicine too. Fool me once (war), shame on you… Fool me twice (college), shame on me.



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