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I would like to formally invite “Tony,” whoever he is, to answer a set list of questions via email. I will repost his answers in full, completely unretouched. Tony, if you’ve got the foreskin, reply in the comments agreeing to … Continue reading

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Mike Gatto vs. The Ottoman Turks

Just wanted to call our readers’ attention to the fact that we’ve added yet another enemy to the Enemies List.  Like “Tony” and Restoring Tally, this enemy is also marked by the pungent stench of cheesy, bacteria-ridden foreskin.  I’m speaking, … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Mike Gatto Has a New Enemy, and His Name Is, uh, “Tony”

Our blog’s loyal readers will be familiar with the antics of “Tony,” another incoherent babbling lunatic who lives in a bizarre fantasy world where Mike Gatto supports genital mutilation. Well, as you can see in the next two links, Tony insists … Continue reading

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“Tony” Comes Back for More

Yesterday, I published an insightful commentary on an anti-circumcision/Mike Gatto attack article written by some dumb douche named Tony. Today, I discovered that Tony posted a cowardly pingback rather than an actual comment on my critique, then did the digital equivalent of … Continue reading

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Mike Gatto & L. Ron Hubbard Presents Future Writers of America

You know what makes people feel good?  Getting a certificate of achievement.  You know what makes people feel better?  When that certificate is signed by Handsome Mike Gatto.  Don’t believe me?  Then just ask this 4th grader at Ivanhoe Elementary School. … Continue reading

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And Now, Another Episode of “Mike Gatto vs. the Bizarre Foreskin Crusaders”

First off, I just want to say that Mike Gatto remains, and always will remain, a sweet dude. Period final. As we’ve already documented, part of Mike Gatto’s sweetness resides in the fact that he has a magnificent reproductive apparatus … Continue reading

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Mike Gatto Honors an Old Man Who Died

Mike Gatto recently honored and old man who died by adjourning the State Assembly. Apparently, some people are easily honored. So who was this dude? Well, his name was Louis Zamperini, and during his life he accomplished many amazing things: … Continue reading

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