Pasadena Sun Apologizes for Ron Kaye

The Pasadena Sun humbly issued an apology for publishing grossly incorrect bullshit about Mike Gatto, or Mr. 43 as he’s known ‘round these parts.  The publishers cited “several errors” in their hasty and disgraceful mea-culpa.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the original hit-piece, ‘Wishing PACs Would Pack It In’ was written by Bukkake Ron Kaye, one of the most pathologically deranged of the Enemies of Gatto.  His exploits have been exposed on this site, time and time again.

Picture 2

Ron typically bungled some obvious facts, such as the identities of various Gatto staffers he attempts to slander.  He also misrepresents the beloved Burbank Teachers Association, though it’s unclear if this was intentional or merely the product of Ron’s bumbling ineptitude.

Here’s a cold hard fact that our site will never have to retract:  Ron Kaye sucks dicks.  In fact, he’s been known to suck a multitude of goat and dog cocks simultaneously, alternating between his mouth, hands and anus as he struggles to satiate his beastly possessors.  Had I not agreed to Daulton’s temporary moratorium on crude cock drawings, there’d certainly be an accompanying illustration.


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