Mike Gatto: LIVE at the Beverly HIlls Bar Association

Mike Gatto will be appearing live in person this Monday before the Beverly Hills Bar Association, as he leads a panel discussion on the Supreme Court’s recent Citizen’s United ruling, which opened the door for unlimited corporate donations from corporations to political candidates.

Picture 2

The panel is being moderated by Kenneth D. Freundlich, an attorney who looks suspiciously like an early failed Mike Gatto prototype.  Not only will Handsome Mike be the strongest and best looking member of the panel, but he’ll also be the most successful.  The other panelists are mere educators at third-tier colleges of little distinction.  In this screenshot, you can clearly see that their names appear in smaller typeface and without the accompanying superlative “Honorable.”

Picture 1

The event is free to the public and sponsored by the suspiciously named ‘Order of Distinguished Attorneys.”


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