Mike Gatto Honors Los Feliz Ledger’s Student Reporter

Today the Los Feliz Ledger proudly reported that one of their ‘student reporters’ received a certificate for her hard work from none other than ‘BIG’ Mike Gatto, champion of the 43rd District.  Charlotte Gilmore, a 4th grader at Ivanhoe Elementary school was commended by Gatto for her regular reporting about whatever it is kids regularly report about.

The personalized certificate reads: “California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition Presented to: Charlotte Gilmore. Ivanhoe Elementary School.  Congratulations on having your writing piece “Our New Principal and More News” published in the Los Feliz Ledger. Your hard work, determination, and efforts are truly commendable and will open many doors in your future.  I wish you many more years of academic success.”

Picture 1

Clearly Gatto was impressed with young Charlotte’s writing piece, which was apparently about her new principal.  It’s unclear what ‘other news’ Charlotte teased in the headline of her now celebrated writing piece, but if it must have been pretty sweet if Mike Gatto took time out of his busy schedule of honoring the Armenian Genocide to honor her instead.

Incidentally, this writing piece represents yet another instance of me scooping Daulton on the day’s hot Mike Gatto news.  Who knows… maybe one day Mike Gatto will honor my writing piece too.


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