Who gives a Shit about the ‘State Assembly” anyways?

Okay, maybe it is the Boone’s farm talking and maybe i just feel empowered by my solo Sex & the City marathon, but I just gottta say it… who gives a shit about the State Assembly anyways? Like really?

First of all, I am a fan of Mike Gatto.  If he managed a sandwich shop on teh Jersey Shore, I’d be blogging about the strong-jawed, iron-chested pickler of my roast beef hero.  honestly, there are plenty of times that I find the news boring and i would actually prefer to hear Mike Gatto sing or deliver a monologue about his family’s ethnic herritage.


don’t blame me, blame these three bottle sof Boone’s Farm.

But here’s the hard truth…I don’t think that Mike Gatto really gives a shit about the State Aseembly either.  The only reason he’s been such goddamn legislature whore these last few years is to build his resume for an obvious city counsel run.  my guess?  four years tops.

But really, who gives a shit about City Counsel anyways, even though it’d be way bigger salary than state assembly.  Congress is where the real money is, and that’s exactly where Mikey Gatto is headed.  Mark my words… Ten years, tops.  Mike Gatto is gonna put the MAN back in CongressMAN.  Kiss the ring, bitches.


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4 Responses to Who gives a Shit about the ‘State Assembly” anyways?

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  4. it is not blank i had to fill it in says:

    fuckin’ gross man, boones farm? what? you’re an insinkerator?

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