Mike Gatto Shirtless UPDATE!

Holy shit, it was a crazy weekend for the folks over at Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude.  After news of a shirtless Mike Gatto pic broke a few days ago, we’ve noticed a significant uptick in our readership.  Despite the surge in visitors, we’d yet to receive any info from our readers about the pic.  But then yesterday, Daulton (no relation to Mike) suggested we add a ‘contact us’ link to the site so readers could contact us.  This proved to be the breakthrough we’d been waiting for.

mike gatto shirtless simulation

this is not a picture of Mike Gatto shirtless. this is merely a simulation of what one could expect from a picture of Mike Gatto shirtless.

Before anyone gets their hopes too high, let me first state that we have yet to receive the full ‘Mike Gatto Shirtless’ pic reportedly floating around the Internet.  We did, however, receive plenty of runarounds, dead ends and clearly photoshopped forgeries intended to waste our time and make a mockery of our site.  Out of respect to our readers and Mike Gatto alike, we’ve decided to keep these images private, despite their obvious comedic value.

But the fact that we received such a swift response at all bodes extremely well for the future of our mission.  So once again, we’re putting the call out there.  If anyone has any more info on the thumbnail glimpsed here in some Google Image search results, please contact us at our official email address… MikeGattoIsASweetDude@gmail.com.

Mike Gatto Shirtless


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