Mike Gatto Shirtless: UPDATE!!!

Loyal readers of Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude may recall that hours ago, I somewhat jokingly posted about the possibility of shirtless Mike Gatto pics floating around the web after receiving a humorous prompt from Google Image.  I assumed  search results had been unintentionally skewed by horny women desperately searching for Gatto-themed masturbatory fodder.  Well, as it turns out there may be more to the story.

Using my detective skills, I realized that by clicking on the little blue 2, I could proceed to a second page of pictures related to my Google Image search. Lo and behold, lookie what I found at the bottom of the second page, beside an archive of our site’s lovely banner…

Picture 3

In this tantalizing thumbnail image, we can clearly see a tanned, toned and trim Mike Gatto SHIRTLESS on the shores of some exotic tropical paradise.  The picture is sourced to a mysterious site called PeekYou.com, which seems to be unrelated to Gatto himself or his official campaign.

But where did the picture come from?  Who posted it?  This version appears to be cropped, but is there a complete shirtless pic of Iron Mike out there anywhere?  And what if the pic was snapped at a nudge beach?!!?!  It’s a good thing I started drinking coffee, because this is going to keep me up all night!!!


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