Mike Gatto Shirtless: UPDATE

Well, I’m plumb flummoxed.  I’ve scoured over seven pages of Google Image search results, and have yet to find anything more about the now mythic “Mike Gatto Shirtless” picture.  Were it not for this tantalizing thumbnail image, I’d swear it was too good to be true.Mike Gatto Shirtless

But it must be true!  Somewhere in the annals of the Internet, the rest of this picture must exist!  So I’m putting a call out to Gatto-maniacs everywhere… let’s put our heads together and pool our resources!  Alone, I may be thwarted by a slow Internet connection and relative technological retardation.  But together, maybe we can find the Grail.

If you happen to have a copy of the picture, sent it over!  If you’re a Gatto political operative looking to steal some headlines with an “unofficial leak,” you know where to find me.  If you’re a political enemy looking to embarrass Mike Gatto by leaking shirtless pics of him, do your worst.  Shirtless pics of President Obama clearly did nothing to derail his political juggernaut.  So fuck right off.



About Jarvis Mitchell

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