Professor Gatto & The Lesson of Personal Responsiblity

Esteemed Professor Mike Gatto showed his fierce independence last week when he broke with his party to vote down a new bill designed to  keep lenders from garnishing the wages of students who’ve defaulted on private loans.

The otherwise party-line vote pitted Gatto on the side of Republicans, who saw it as unfair that in garnishing wages over student loans, the government would have some powers not extended to private lenders too.  The bill was proposed by lesser Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, pictured here with a cartoon cock and balls on his face.

 Picture 2

In breaking with his party, Gatto exhibited the kind of post-partisan, pro-California, anti-student leadership that hoisted him to the summit of the 43rd district.  While it’s unfortunate that many (including the authors of this blog) are suffocating under a relentless, punishing mountain of student debt to which we legally submitted before we were old enough to legally drink a beer, it’s refreshing that Mike Gatto refuses to pander to our simple needs.  Sometimes we need a stern father to bend us over his knee and tell us no.

Who’s your daddy?

Mike Gatto, bitches.


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