Mike Gatto: Protector of Small Businesses From Another Dimension

Mike Gatto recently appeared via YouTube from a Tron-like computer-generated alternate dimension to discuss the need to protect California small businesses from the growing threat of shakedown lawsuits.

In the clip, Gatto sits poised on a presipice of a swirling vortex of crumby computer graphics.  It’s hard to pay attention to what either Gatto or his weathered wizard companion are discussing, but it probably has something to do with the abuse of Prop 65 by scumbag lawyers seeking quick payouts from unsuspecting bars and coffee shops who ‘technically’ expose their customers and employees to chemicals known to cause cancer.

Of course, that’s a bunch of fucking bullshit and I’d be totally outraged… if that wash of shitty chroma-key blues wasn’t so pacifying…


About Jarvis Mitchell

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