Gatto To Sway Mayoral Race?

Listen up LA, cuz  ‘Iron Mike’ Gatto’s got something to say about your next Mayor.  In this personalized plea posted precipitously, he politely parlays his preference for Eric Garcetti, friend of the working man and champion of liberty…

You may remember Garcetti from the recent primary election, where he trounced and humiliated former ‘Enemy of Gatto,’ Kevin James.  Since having his nuts handed to him, James came crawling back with his tail between his legs, offering his own pathetic, lily-livered endorsement of Garceitti.  Such is politics, and if it weren’t for losers like Kevin James, there wouldn’t be winners like Mike.  Or his main dude, Eric.

Since being posted yesterday, the video has already attracted a whopping 116 views, though it remains unclear how many of these views can attributed to local registered voters and how many were horny females beyond the 43rd district, briefly lured by Gatto’s chiseled features as as they browsed for masturbatory fodder.


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