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Dick Wolf Weighs In on Mike Gatto’s Wang

In this undated photo, television producer Dick Wolf (Law & Order, Chicago Fire) gives his approximation of how big Mike Gatto’s cock is. My impression is that he’s in the ballpark, but a little bit short. Also, Dick Wolf has … Continue reading

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Mike Gatto and Bill 227 — Fuck Yeah, Bitches!

First, to those who are wondering — yes, Jarvis was drunk last night. He and I have come too far over the past couple of months for me to risk publicly admonishing him, but rest assured that the sweet dudes … Continue reading

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Who gives a Shit about the ‘State Assembly” anyways?

Okay, maybe it is the Boone’s farm talking and maybe i just feel empowered by my solo Sex & the City marathon, but I just gottta say it… who gives a shit about the State Assembly anyways? Like really? First … Continue reading

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Mike Gatto Shirtless UPDATE!

Holy shit, it was a crazy weekend for the folks over at Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude.  After news of a shirtless Mike Gatto pic broke a few days ago, we’ve noticed a significant uptick in our readership.  Despite … Continue reading

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Mike Gatto: The Face of Genital Cutting in America — Bill AB-768

No, loyal readers, despite our coincidental preoccupation with dicks over the past week or so, the above title is not a joke. I’m not sure how this managed to sneak under our radar for so long, but apparently an extremely … Continue reading

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My Cock Is Big and Hairy

Even though I have said many, many, many times that I AM NO RELATION TO MIKE GATTO, the handsome Sheriff and I do have one thing in common: Big dicks. Mine is big and hairy, and I imagine Mike Gatto’s … Continue reading

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Mike Gatto Shirtless: UPDATE

Well, I’m plumb flummoxed.  I’ve scoured over seven pages of Google Image search results, and have yet to find anything more about the now mythic “Mike Gatto Shirtless” picture.  Were it not for this tantalizing thumbnail image, I’d swear it … Continue reading

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