Daulton Gatto’s Stupid Bird Dies

In case you’re wondering why we haven’t posted any news updates about Mike Gatto, be assured it has nothing to do the fine assemblyman.  As always, he’s steadfastly shaping our future in Sacramento.

There have not been any updates because the authors of this site have been preoccupied with a monumental tragedy.  Unfortunately, news of Mike Gatto (as well as friendships and basic personal hygiene) have been neglected as we reassess our lives in the aftermath of the aforementioned tragedy.

Please say a prayer for Daulton Gatto’s stupid bird.  We’ll return soon.  Hopefully.


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5 Responses to Daulton Gatto’s Stupid Bird Dies

  1. Mike Gatto is a loser. His whining about the pay cutoff is disgusting. His attempt to use his daughter as a political prop was one of the most cynical efforts to garner false sympathy that I have ever seen.

    How is this guy able to be a legislator when he can’t even run his own budget?

    The budget he voted for was sham. He should resign and find a real job.

    • okay fuck face, you can say what you want about mike gatto, even if it’s utter bullshit, but i will NOT allow you to insult his family, especially not his young daughter. you should be ashamed of yourself. my first inclination was to erase this garbage, but i decided it would be better to allow it to stay, so that you can’t run from this filth. it will stay attached to your name forever, and when your grandchildren are old enough to browse the internet, they’ll see what you said about president gatto and never want to see you again.

      fuck you, pig.

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