Fair Political Practices Commission: MIKE GATTO IS A SWEET DUDE!

The Fair Political Practices Commission, a political watchdog group,  happily exonerated Mike Gatto of any and all ethics charges stemming from accusations he violated financial disclosure rules during his historic 2010 campaign.

At issue was a petty and insignificant complaint that the Gatto campaign had wrongly identified an account used to send out mailers.  The commission rightly attributed any confusion to a simple mix-up.

In one of their finest moments, the Fair Political Practices Commission boasted they “found no evidence that the bank account violation was anything other than inadvertent, the committees refunded the entire amount used by the wrong account prior to any contact from the enforcement division, and both committees had sufficient funds to pay the costs of the mailers.”

“I take full responsibility,” Handsome Mike said to the gathered reporters. “I’m very pleased that there was no fine … but this serves as a lesson to everybody, myself included, that you have to be very careful with these rules because they are very complicated.”

He blamed the oversight on his young staffers, who were overwhelmed by the demands of running such a high-stakes campaign for the future of all California.


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