Mike Gatto vs. The Fast & The Furious

California’s most chiseled State Assemblyman took to the floor of the Capitol this week to demand the people of the 43rd District have greater control over the safety of their neighborhood streets.  Gatto wants to make sure that the people of Glendale are allowed to establish their own speed limits in neighborhoods where Sacramento’s traffic formulas have failed to meet community needs.

Mike Gatto couldn’t help but smile as he described Assembly Bill 529 as a “super tight” piece of legislation.  Of course, any piece of legislation would seem super tight if the legislator in question has the length and girth of Mike Gatto.

Glendale used to have greater flexibility in adapting speed limits based on government surveys of traffic patterns.  But in 2004,  Sacramento took more control of the process, and mandated that all communities round the results of their speed limits surveys up to the nearest multiple of five.

While that probably made Vin Deisel and Paul Walker very happy, some residents of Glendale were less “amped.”  They saw speed limits rise from 30 to 40 miles per hour.  And considering the customary speed cushion ticketing officers usually allow motorists, it means drivers may not be stopped unless they’re going 50 miles per hour.

Mike Gatto made all these points in a much more effective manner during his address.  Luckily, cameras were rolling.  Make sure and watch all the way to the end, when Mike can’t help but brag about the bill’s recent unanimous approval from the transportation committee.


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