Mike Gatto Kicks the Ass of Special Interest Groups in May 2011 “Los Feliz Ledger”

As if we needed any further reminders of why Mike Gatto is a sweet dude, the May 2011 edition of the Los Feliz Ledger features an editorial written by Mike “Super Sweet” Gatto himself, highlighting his recent authorship of Bill AB 65. This kick-ass bill would require the top five contributors to a ballot initiative in the state of California to be listed at the top of the ballot in the interests of educating voters and promoting informed decision-making.

“Ensuring that voters are well informed before heading to the ballot box is critically important to creating a rational system of governance in our state,” wrote Gatto in the Ledger article. “For example, just last year, out-of-state oil companies spent millions to place an initiative on the ballot in an attempt to overturn California’s clean-air laws. Environmentalists had to counter with millions of their own just to inform voters of this cynical attempt by out-of-state interests to purchase an exemption at the ballot box.”

Harsh words indeed, Mr. Sweetness.

The article was then continued on page 5, but when I tried to continue reading, I discovered that my wonderful mother, Betty Gatto (who is also no relation to Mike Gatto) had accidentally used the page to line the cage of my pet budgie Winkles! I attempted a rescue, only to find my beloved budgie had already soiled most of the rest of the article. Nevertheless, I do know that it concluded thus:

“…knowing this will help voters make informed decisions–and informed decisions are always best.”

Informed decisions are always best. Now that’s advice I wish I’d taken to heart the night I drank too much liquor and wandered off to look for prostitutes.

Live and learn. Live and learn.

(Daulton Gatto is no relation to Mike Gatto. That they share a surename is purely coincidental.)


About Daulton Gatto (no relation to Mike Gatto)

I am a sweet dude, but nowhere near as sweet as Mike Gatto. (I am not related to Mike Gatto. Our identical last name is purely a coincidence.)
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