Welcome, Mayor Sam Readers!

We’ve recently become aware that Mayor Sam, an esteemed political think-tank of ours, has launched an assault against our site and against the larger community of Mike Gatto supporters worldwide.  We’d like to welcome any readers of Mayor Sam who may be visiting our site for the first time.

If Mayor Sam’s website is your primary source of information on the SoCal political scene, then it’s safe to assume you have a low opinion of both Mike Gatto and our site, Mike Gatto Is a Sweet Dude.  And to be honest, we would not blame you if that were the case.

But in the interest of better informing your perspective, we hope you’ll consider the news and opinions we’ve archived.  We can assure you there is far more to Mike Gatto than the narrow and conflicted opinions of one sad blogger.

Mayor Sam’s antagonistic obsession with Mike Gatto has been well documented on our site and others.  In this regard, he’s no better or worse than many insecure people who covet others’ blessings.  The problem is, the blogosphere has these given passive-aggressive misanthropes a grand new podium from which their sad echoes perpetuate an illusion of legitimacy.

Mayor Sam’s opinion about Mike Gatto is just that: one man’s opinion.  But Truth is the composite of many opinions.  We only ask you’ll allow the opinions contained on our site, Mike Gatto Is a Sweet Dude, an equal appropriation of Truth’s rich tapestry.


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